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posted 25 July 13

Ongoing Leadership of the Parish

The PCC has appointed a Parish Interim Leadership Team to help lead the parish until a new vicar is appointed. The people on this team are:

Rev’d Fiona Gregson (Associate Priest)
Rev’d Giyanow Kayla (Curate)
Nigel Cripps (Projects Officer)
Stephanie Evans (PCC Treasurer)
David Fletcher (PCC Secretary)
Joe Lewis (representing all the Church Wardens)
Geoff Miller (PCC Lay Chair)
Sharon Palmer (St James Committee member)
Rev’d Becky Jones will join the team when she returns from maternity leave.

Between them and together, this team will be picking up some of the vicar’s main responsibilities including leadership of the parish, supervision of staff etc.

For the following responsibilities the first points of contact will be:
Parish safeguarding lead: Sharon PalmerEmail Sharon
Co-ordination of Funerals, Baptisms and Thanksgivings for children: David FletcherEmail David
Marriages: Enquiries to Aston Parish Church office
Out of hours contact point: Joe Lewis
Changes to service rota: Stephanie Evans (until June) – Email Stephanie
Preaching series: Fiona GregsonEmail Fiona
Other St James matters: St James Office, St James Church Wardens or Sharon Palmer
Other St Matthew’s matters: St Matthew’s Office, St Matthew’s Wardens or Geoff Miller
Other APC matters: APC Office, APC wardens or Nigel Cripps

posted 11 January 16

What I most appreciate about Aston is:

- “The love and care we have for each other between the three churches, the teaching and encouragement that we receive, that together we take part in joint services, shared meals and community events and that God is central to all that we do. Three different churches with one common set of values.” (Joan Perry, Reader)

- “Christians in this parish are great at encouraging each other, and at reaching out in creative ways to those outside our church boundaries.” (David Fletcher, Reader)

- “Synergy, three churches supporting each other and as a whole greater than the sum of the parts.” (Geoff Miller, PCC Lay Chair)

- “A group of people who live out God’s love and care for all, looking after each other and those in need outside of the church.” (Paul Lacey, Youth Leader and Parish Mission Worker)

posted 19 February 13