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Worship in Aston and Nechells

As the Church of England in Aston and Nechells, we aim to assist the community recognise the importance of God in our lives and help to understand and reaffirm our love for him through worship and prayer. This section provides information on faith and how it affects us, as well as giving details of services run in our churches. The different sub-sections are described below:

Music group performs in the church

  • Faith – Resources on the Christian faith and some people’s stories of the difference Jesus makes to their lives.
  • Sunday Services – Details of the weekly Sunday services, including our monthly fresh expression of church, First Sunday
  • Youth & Children’s Church – How the church caters for our younger members (both on Sundays and at other times)
  • Asian Fellowship – an Asian Christian group
  • Annual Services – Details of ‘special’ services that happen every year and when they take place.

Anyone is welcome to attend our worship services… and there is no charge for coming to church!