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The clergy are both the spiritual and organisational leaders of the church. It is the clergy’s role to guide you through life along a path the meets with the teaching of Jesus. At key times in your life, they will help you reconfirm your faith in God in a more personal way by assisting you perform the rituals of baptism, confirmation, and marriage, amongst others.

In the Parish of Aston and Nechells, our clergy service the needs of parishioners from all three churches. They are very happy to speak to you individually between and after Sunday services, or you can contact any of them via their e-mails given below.

VICAR: Revd Philip Nott

Philip was born in Oxford in 1969. He became a Christian in 1985 and felt called to the Ministry soon afterwards. He studied Social Work at Nottingham Trent University where he met Ruth in the Christian Union. In 1991 they were married and in 1998 Hannah was born, followed by Beth in 2000. Philip studied for the Ministry at Ridley Hall in Cambridge and was ordained in Manchester Cathedral in 1998. The family have lived in Greater Manchester, London, Nottingham and Bristol, all parishes being urban ones. Philip and Ruth have now obeyed God’s call to move to Birmingham, but will be living apart for some of the time as Hannah and Beth finish GCSEs and A-Levels in Bristol in 2017.

Philip’s main passion in life is to see people know Jesus for themselves, and together with all God’s people see the kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven. This will encompass our whole lives from work to fair trade, to sport, to politics and to the arts. His main relaxation comes from time spent walking Tilly the rescue dog, watching Brentford FC with his father and holidays either at home or abroad. Philip is looking forward to listening to God and His people, seeing where God is at work, and together with many others n Aston and Nechells, joining in with Holy Spirit-inspired Vigour, Vision and Values.

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Becky joined us in October 2012. She was ordained in 2009 and served her curacy at Coventry Cathedral. She is passionate about communicating faith, developing leaders and teams, and seeing God at work through loving community. Becky trained for ordination at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford where she did an undergraduate degree in Theology. Before ordination she worked for charities: Careforce (UK gap years) and CPAS (Church Pastoral Aid Society), and her first degree was in Biochemistry. Becky is married to Will, who has a PhD in politics and works as an administrator. They love spending time with their young daughter Evelyn and in her spare time Becky enjoys swimming, watching films, crafts, reading and any excuse for good food with others – especially curry.

Becky is currently on Maternity Leave until June 2018. If there s an urgent matter please contact Revd Philip Nott.

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CURATE: Revd Giyanow Kayla

Giyanow was born a Sikh in Khotra, in the Punjab of India, in 1962. Daughter of a mill worker, she came to England with her family in 1968. At school (Foundry Road, Winson Green), Giyanow began to become interested in Christianity and began to study further. At the age of 15 or 16 she took a 3D course and then decided to confirm her newfound faith. She began to study for Readership in 2003 and was licensed in 2005.

Giyanow is particularly involved in Asian Fellowship, a biligual service held in Aston Parish Church Centre on Saturday mornings. To find out more about Asian Fellowship, click the following link: Asian Fellowship information

From 5th July 2015, Giyanow became Curate for the Parish of Aston and Nechells

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