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Image of bible showing John, 3:16

The Diocese of Birmingham and Church of England both have excellent resources on what it means both to be a follower of Jesus and to be part of the Anglican church. There are also a number of resources given in links section that explore what it means to be a Christian, some of them especially produced for those who may not have had a Christian upbringing.

In our churches in Aston and Nechells, we try to apply the teachings of Jesus to our own lives and to live lives that are empowered by God’s Holy Spirit. We expect our faith to make a difference both to how we live and also to the communities and networks of which we are a part. We also seek to help other people to discover God’s love for them and what His plans may be for their lives.

Below are some stories from those in our parish who have experienced God’s love and how it has enhanced their lives.

Aston and Nechells Stories: Andrew

On the second week I went to “Just 10” I was fascinated as I listened to J John and the other speakers. I thought that J John was very funny and had a good sense of humour.

Because I had been having a bit of trouble at school, I was listening to J John and what he was saying. At the end of the night, J John always asks if there are any people who want Jesus to come into their lives or to be part of Jesus’ life. He then invites these people to come to the front and he will pray for them.

I felt that it was time for Jesus to be part of my life. I told my Mum (Lisa) that I wanted to go to the front but felt I couldn’t go on my own – so she went down to the front with me to support me.

The next day, I listened to a CD which J John’s Response Team gave me – it is J John explaining the Ten Commandments.

On the following Sunday evening, about 7:00pm, I was taking a shower and seemed to hear a voice saying “I am really pleased that you want me in your life,” then is disappeared. I have heard nothing since.

I would advise anybody who hasn’t attended a J John evening to go on the next Thursday night. He is a sensation and a very funny person. He makes the Ten Commandments much more easy to understand with the way he explains things.

Aston and Nechells Stories: Lisa

I went to listen to J John’s “Just 10” talks. At first, I didn’t think it would be appropriate for me as I already go to church regularly. Also, I only had one person in my triangle group to pray for. I found J John really good to listen to as he was really witty.

For twelve months, my triangle group had been praying for me to have the ability to forgive and to move on in my life. Twenty years before I had spent thirteen months married to a horrible person. I kept wondering why I was unable to forget and move on and why my feelings about this person have been eating away at my thoughts all this time.

That Thursday, as I listened to J John, I felt that someone was saying that it was time to let go and forget this bad memory, particularly as I had now moved into my second marriage. I have been married to Jim for fifteen years and have been blessed with Andrew and Danielle. Jim loves me and I love him so much. I thank Jesus for this and, like my son, went to the front of a Just 10 meeting and responded to Jesus.