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Sunday services in the Parish

There are various services that goes on in the Parish. This part of the website, therefore, has been designed to make navigating around those sections of interest a bit more accessible.

Morning Services

Morning Services in each of the churches usually finish around 12.30 and there is a friendly, informal atmosphere. Most people tend to stay on afterwards for refreshments and a chance to chat. The kind of service is different for different weeks of the month, so that there is variety in each of the churches. The grid below shows the usual monthly pattern – although it changes a bit around the important Christian festivals of Christmas, Easter and Pentecost.

Week of Month Aston Parish Church
St Matthew’s Church
St James Church
1st Sunday First Sunday All Age Worship Holy Communion
2nd Sunday Holy Communion Morning Worship All Age Worship
3rd Sunday All Age Worship Holy Communion Holy Communion
4th Sunday Holy Communion Morning Worship Morning Worship
5th Sunday † Morning worship
(see note)
Morning worship
(see note)
Morning Worship
(see note)

Quite often we have a single united service at one of our churches on the morning of a 5th Sunday, in which case there is no service at the other two. Otherwise at least one of the services of morning worship will include Holy Communion.

The communion table at St James' Church

All of our services include a range of modern and traditional songs and hymns which we use to praise God. There are also readings from the Bible and a talk which seeks to relate the message of the Bible readings to everyday life. We also take time to pray for the needs of our local community and the wider world.

Services of Holy Communion also include the sharing of bread and wine (non-alcoholic wine is also available) to remember Jesus’ sacrifice of himself on the cross for us. Anyone who receives communion in other churches is also welcome to receive communion in our churches. We are also glad to share communion with children and young people who have received the necessary permission.

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Children and Young People

Our churches offers special provision for our younger members during the morning services. Details of the arrangements in each church for the different age groups can be found under the Youth Church section.

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Evening Worship - MORE

MORE is an evening service which takes place in Aston Parish Church Centre. It starts at 6.30 pm with tea and coffee and then leads into an extended time of worship with a range of contemporary songs. There is then a talk which seeks to go into more depth than is usually possible in the Sunday morning services. There is also usually an opportunity for discussion and to ask questions, and then time is given for all those who wish to receive prayer about any aspect of their lives or for issues that have arisen through the talk.

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First Sunday

First Sunday barbecue at Aston Parish Church

On the first Sunday in each month at Aston Parish Church we worship in a slightly different manner from usual. Rather than worship in the church, we meet in the church centre next door and our worship is a good bit less formal. For those familiar with “fresh expressions of church”, it is rather like a Café Church.

We normally gather around tables for things to begin around 10.30 am with a welcome activity accompanied by tea, coffee or squash. At about 11 am, we then have praise, prayers, activities and teaching which are designed to be accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.

A bring and share lunch then follows (don’t worry if you forget to “bring”, you can still “share”). Because the congregation is very multicultural, there is normally a wide range of different dishes available. During the warm summer months (if they are warm!!!) we move outside into the church grounds, where we picnic and have a barbecue. Folk who have been at the services at St Matthew’s and St James’ often come and join us for lunch.

In the midst of lunch, we then remember Jesus death for us by sharing in communion. This informal setting for communion, taken in the context of a meal, is perhaps rather closer to the setting of the Last Supper than our more formal services of Holy Communion. We find that children and young people who are allowed to take communion can readily appreciate the meaning that Jesus intended when he said “Do this in remembrance of me”.

After lunch, games are then organised both around the grounds and across the road in Aston Park within sight of the beautiful Aston Hall. There may also be some specialised preparation with the clergy for people considering baptism or starting to take communion.

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